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B' route of experiential activities


Skarinou-Kato Drys-Lefkara

B' route of experiential activities  – General Description

The second route of experiential activities is a fun route with a multitude of activities, suitable for young people (locals and tourists), which enables travelers to choose from a range of activities and combine them as they wish. This special route includes options for food/ brunch to visiting wineries, museums and nature trails.

This route is proposed to be done by road and can be performed without the help of a tour guide. In addition, due to the relatively close distance between the sites of this route, it is possible to complete it within the same day.

Due to the mild weather conditions that usually prevail in Cyprus, the route can be carried out all year round.

B' route of experiential activities  – Detailed Description

Initially, young travelers can visit the village of Skarinou, for a unique experience at the famous donkey farm "Golden Donkeys Farm", where they can ride a donkey, visit the museums in the park with wax figures and traditional Cypriot works and buy donkey milk products and organic olive oil produced by the farm.

Then, it is proposed to head to the neighboring village of Kato Drys, where they can have breakfast/ lunch. Then, they can visit the winery located in the village to experience a unique experience of tasting local wine through the guided tour and a demonstration of the way of production that takes place. Before leaving the village, travelers can taste the traditional spoon sweets offered in a local store, as well as take a short hike on the 2.5 km long nature trail "Lefkara – Kato Drys", which connects Kato Drys with Lefkara.

Then, heading to Lefkara, travelers can relax for an afternoon coffee and dessert in one of the many traditional shops/ cafes in the village. Finally, they can visit the local Ethnological Museum of Traditional Embroidery and Silversmithing and buy the world famous "Lefkaritika embroidery".

The route may well be extended, with a total duration of 2 days. In this case, young travelers are expected to spend the night in one of the local agritourism accommodation and dine in one of the dining areas in the area, continuing the next day with the first route of experiential activities.

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