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Olive Route


Lania - Sylikou - Agios Therapon - Anogyra

The olive route is a pleasant educational route for everybody (for both nature lovers and families with young children, students, adults), which allows travelers to learn about the processes regarding the production and processing of olives.

This route is proposed to be completed by road and can be carried out without the help of a guide, however organized group/ tourist excursions or student excursions may be carried out with the presence of a guide for a more complete information/ tour. In addition, due to the relatively close distance between the sites of this route, it is possible to complete it within the same day.

The most appropriate period to make the trip is during the harvesting of the fruit and the production of olive oil, while it can be combined with the annual olive festival that takes place in Anogyra in October. However, due to the mild weather conditions that usually prevail in Cyprus, the route can be carried out all year round.

Olive Route – Detailed Description

For travelers based in the urban centres of Nicosia, Larnaca or Limassol, it is suggested that the starting point of the route is Lania village while for those based in the urban centres of Paphos, Anogyra village is suggested (following a reverse route).

In Lania village, visitors are informed about the processing of olives and their extraction into olive oil at the "Lania Olive Mill Museum".

Then, heading to the village of Sylikou, they can visit the famous "Museum of Commandaria and Oil", as well as the traditional olive mill of the village.

Continuing the route, in Agios Therapon village is the Museum "Eliomylos", which is dedicated to olives and olive cultivation.

Finally, in Anogyra  travelers can visit both the "Olive Museum" and the "Oleastro" processing unit, which is the only olive theme park in Cyprus and aims to promote the olive culture. Also, the botanical park "Anagyris" is located in Anogyra, in which visitors have the opportunity to learn about the medicinal properties and the use of aromatic plants and essential oils, as well as the way of distillation for their production, using modern machinery. Additionally, if preferred, this route can be completed in 2 days, since in these areas there is plenty of agritourism accommodation and traditional restaurants/ taverns that travelers can visit and where they can stay overnight.

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