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C' Route in Nature



B' Route in Nature – General Description

An adventurous journey exploring the natural environment of the part of the Troodos region. This route is proposed to be done by road and can be performed without the help of a tour guide. This route is suitable for nature lovers as well as for organized tourist groups in order to promote the rich natural beauty of the island.

In addition, due to the relatively close distance between the sites of this route, it is possible to complete it within the same day.

Due to the mild weather conditions that usually prevail in Cyprus, the route can take place all year round, however, it is noted that there may be difficulties in completing it during the winter season.


C' Route in Nature  – Detailed Description

For travelers based in the urban centres of Nicosia or Larnaca,  it is suggested that the starting point of the route is Pedoulas village, while for those based  in the urban centres of Limassol or Paphos, Agros village is suggested (following a reverse route).

In Pedoulas village, visitors can enjoy the cool water of the natural spring, which is said to hide the secret of longevity.

Then, heading to the village of Kalopanayiotis, travelers can walk on the trail of study of nature "Kalopanayiotis – Oikos" that passes by the water mill of Kykkos, and then visit the thermal springs of the village.

Then, when visiting the village of Kakopetria, travelers are expected to walk the trail of study of nature "Vateri", enjoying its beautiful natural landscapes and the old fountain Vateri (where they can be refreshed with its drinking water).

After leaving Kakopetria, travelers can head to Amiantos village , where they have the opportunity to visit the botanical garden "A.G.Leventis", which contains about 250 plant species, and to walk the trail of study of nature "Kato Amiantos – Loumata ton aeton".

Ending in the village of Agros,  travelers can walk the trail of study of nature "Agros – Madari", as well as visit the famous rose factory to learn about the various ways of processing roses and buy the known rose water or other organic products.    The route may well be extended, with a total duration of 2 days. In this case, travelers are expected to spend the night in one of the local agritourism accommodation that exists and to dine in one of the dining areas that exist in the area, continuing the next day to complete this route (in case they have not already done so) or to select and do one of the remaining routes in nature proposed.

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