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Route of Ancient Flavors


Pedoulas-Pano Panagia-Houlou-Salamiou

Ancient Flavors Route – General Description

The route "Ancient Flavors" consists of a variety of activities for people of all ages with elements of antiquity and gastronomic interest. This route provides information opportunities, enriching the knowledge of travelers and contributes to the development of cultural tourism, contributing to the international promotion of the cultural heritage of Cyprus.

It is recommended that this route is completed by road, with the help of a guide to provide a more complete experience/ information as there is useful information at each stop, but it is possible to complete it without a guide. In addition, due to the relatively close distance between the sites of this route, it is possible to complete it within the same day.

Due to the mild weather conditions that usually prevail in Cyprus, the route can be carried out all year round.

Ancient Flavors Route – Detailed Description

For travelers based in the urban centres of Nicosia,  it is suggested that the starting point of the route is Pedoulas village, while for those based  in the urban centres of Larnaca, Limassol or Paphos, Salamiou village is suggested (following a reverse route).

The "Folklore Museum" is located in Pedoulas village where visitors have the opportunity to get a taste of the daily life of farmers, as well as the customs of the past. The way the museum is shaped is quite special, as it presents the interior of the Cypriot traditional house, with authentic furniture, utensils, household items, including local costumes.

Then, heading to the village of Pano Panagia, travelers have the opportunity to visit the famous cultivations of vines and wine varieties, as well as the cultivations of various fruit trees (mainly apple trees, cherries, pears and plums), legumes (beans and beans), citrus, almonds, olives, vegetables, pistachio and carobs.

Following the route, one can visit the ancient water mill, the old olive mills and the many traditional stone fountains in the village of Houlou.

The final destination of the route is  Salamiou village, where travelers can be informed and/or watch the wine making process, since the residents of the village are engaged in vineyards and the processing of wine, palouze and soutzoukos (or sousoukos).

The route "Ancient Flavors" may well be extended, with a total duration of 2 days. In this case, travelers are expected to spend the night in one of the agritourism accommodation in the 4 villages and dine in one of the dining areas in the area, continuing the next day to complete the route.

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