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Adventure Trail


Askas – Agros – Kakopetria – Kalopanayiotis

Adventure Trail- General Description

The adventure route is a fun route with a plethora of activities for everybody (for families with young children, students, adults), which enables travelers to choose from a range of activities and combine them as they wish. This special route includes an adventure park, food, separate nature trails and camping.

This route is proposed to be done by road and can be performed without the help of a tour guide. In addition, due to the relatively short distance between the areas of this route, its completion within the same day is possible, however with the stay at the campsite the duration can be extended to 2 days.

Due to the mild weather conditions that usually prevail in Cyprus, the route can be carried out all year round.

Adventure Route – Detailed Description  Initially,  travelers can explore Askas village and enjoy the rich natural environment through the trail of study of nature located in the main intercity road up to "Pano Ambelia" slope. Walking the trail, one can breathe fresh, cool air and admire the breathtaking views of the mountains of Cyprus.

Then, visitors can visit the nearby  Agros village, where they will have the opportunity to rest and try the Cypriot cuisine, either through a delicious Cypriot version of the brunch or in one of the traditional taverns/ restaurants of the village.

Then, it is suggested to visit "Marina's Rope Park" in Kakopetria where visitors have the opportunity to live a unique experience taking part in adventure activities, according to the various levels of difficulty that have been defined.

Finally, travelers can complete their trip to Kalopanayiotis village, where, after dining in one of the dining areas of the village, they can spend the night in the camping area located in the village.

Given that travelers may spend the night in the campsite of Kalopanayiotis village, this route may well be extended, with a total duration of 2 days. In this case, during the 2nd day, travelers have the opportunity to choose and follow one of the routes in nature.

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