Architecture meets viticulture

32 km from Lemesos towards Troodos This village set in abundant greenery is known for it exceptional rural architecture featuring stone­faced houses with wooden balconies. Particularly interesting are the twelve ‘Votis’, a term that describes their unique traditional and typically Cypriot structure. Each consists of an arched room where wine was stored in clay jars in the past, with the owner’s home on the upper floor. Cobbled paths, traditional communal water taps and cisterns complete the picture.

Visit the village in September-October and you will note a distinctive aroma throughout the village. After all, you are in the heartland of Cyprus wine production, and during those months, the villagers are dedicated to the production of wine and zivania, the traditionaly local spirit – and always happy to offer you a drop or two! Places of interest include the churches of Agios Therapon and Panayia Chrysostyliotissa. As a whole, the village boasts breathtaking views and enchanting sunsets. The Cyprus orchid is another trademark that thrives in and around the village.