Traditional arts, crafts and delights

44 km northwest of Lemesos.

Enter Foini (pronounced ‘Fini’) and the age-old drinking water fountain offers you a refreshing welcome. Enjoy a relaxing stroll around this picturesque mountain village and you will find taverns and coffee shops ready to serve you wholesome traditional dishes and refreshments. Foini is primarily associated with its pottery workshops, its wooden wicker chair production and its delicious Cyprus delight, which all demonstrate the village’s determination to keep local tradition alive. The local folk art museum captures all the arts, crafts and skills that Foini has passed on from generation to generation, just a few kilometres outside the village, a wonderful sight awaits you: the twin Chantaras waterfalls that drop into the crystal waters of the Diarizos river. Close to the waterfalls you will discover a private fish farm, famous for its tasty trout. While in this area, make sure to visit the beautiful Trooditissa Monastery.