Lania is a small traditional village in the hills of the wine making region of Lemesos.

Village Name:

The village of Lania probably got its name from the daughter of Dionysos, the God of wine. Another possibility is that the name was derived from the acorn tree “ba lania”.


The Village of Lania is about 25km north of Lemesos on the road to the TroodosMountains and with an altitude of 575meters from sea level it provides great views for visitors. As well, due to its hilly south facing slopes and its white chalky soil, it offers ideal conditions for growing grapes for producing top quality wines.


During recent times, ancient pottery and an ancient tablet were found with an inscription dating the pieces to the periods of 1050 – 750BC. These items were unfortunately stolen before any proper documentation was conducted. This account dates the village to at least 3000 years old.

Another fact about Lania, Henry de Champagne of France, had visited the village during the middle of the 12th century in search of a new breed of grape vines to replace his own due to a disease that destroyed his entire crop. Lania and the neighboring areas provided him with a suitable replacement. The variety of Grape still exists today contributing to the Champagne production in France.