The Kingdom of Golgoi

In the middle of the cities of Nicosia and Larnaca. 8 km from the Nicosia-Larnaca highway. A rich place in cultural heritage, whose existence is dated back to the ancient times. Seeking the beginning of its existence, you find the first Greeks who arrived in Cyprus, more than 3.000 years ago, establishing their first Greek kingdoms in the island. The Kingdom of Golgoi was one of them. Famous for its ancient monuments. One of the most developed areas of the island in agriculture and farming has the 65% of its territory under occupation by the Turkish troops, since 1974. Famous for its local bread, known as ‘Athienitiko’, and its dairy products. The Kallinikeio Municipal Museum is distinguished for its modern architecture, it consists of the Archaeological Collection, the Collection of Ecclesiastical Art and the Ethnographic Collection. It is housed in the Kallinikeio Municipal Hall of Athienou along with the municipality of the town. The aim of the exhibition areas of the Museum is to give the visitors the opportunity to become aware of the local and national history and culture.